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EPCHS Named ‘School Of Distinction’ By Illinois Art Education Association

EVERGREEN PARK, IL – The Illinois Art Education Association (IAEA) is pleased to recognize Evergreen Park Community High School as a 2022 School of Distinction. EPCHS is one of only five schools in Illinois to receive this honor.

The recognition celebrates schools with rigorous art, design and media education programs. To earn the School of Distinction Award, EPCHS evidenced practices directly reflecting the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards, the Illinois Fine Arts and Media Standards, and Social-Emotional Learning Priorities.

The IAEA is proud to honor art teachers Libby McArthur and Tom Guerra for their distinguished programming and the students' significant opportunities.

“We are extremely excited to be honored as one of the 5 schools named, as we have been working hard through COVID to remain a high-achieving and innovative program,” McArthur said.

McArthur said EPCHS proved evidence of achievements in curriculum and assessment, authentic learning, showcasing student learning, connected communities, leadership and advocacy and professional development and training, among other attributes, in having been selected.

Participating in high-quality art, design, and media courses develops student creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills in valuable ways, according to the IAEA. Students in these programs gain social and emotional skills along with college and career readiness and citizenship.

Research indicates that schools with successful programs like that at EPCHS experience increased student attendance, engagement, and academic performance compared to schools that don’t. 

EPCHS is led by Superintendent Thomas O’Malley and Principal William Sanderson.