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EPCHS Sends 701 Teddy Bears To Uvalde In Wake Of Tragedy

EVERGREEN PARK, IL – Students and staff members at Evergreen Park Community High School teamed to buy 701 teddy bears and ship them to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the site of last month’s tragic school shooting that claimed 21 lives. The 701 teddy bears donated means all students and staff at Robb Elementary will have one to enjoy.

“When tragedies like this happen, it is so difficult to know what to do, and nothing seems good enough,” said Amy Kazin, EPCHS Fine Arts chair and activities director. Kazin organized the effort to send the teddy bears to Uvalde. “It is our hope that something as small as a ‘bear hug’ can make a difference.”

EPCHS students and staff also wrote well wishes on posters in a show of support for the grieving Uvalde community. One six-foot tall teddy bear will remain at EPCHS in memory of the lives lost in the tragedy.

“A small gesture like this might bring just a moment of joy or surprise during the dark days ahead,” Kazin wrote in an email encouraging EPCHS staff members to donate to the effort.