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Student Can Multiply Faster Than A Calculator

EVERGREEN PARK, IL – An Evergreen Park Community High School math student can do what few professional mathematicians can. 

Xarles (Chaz) Barnes, a sophomore, has the ability to square any number from 1-100, and multiply any two 1-100 numbers together. 

He doesn’t memorize the answers. He does it in his head… quickly. 

Barnes said it isn’t something he’s been able to do for long, figuring a way to square numbers within seconds just four months ago. Even more recently, he found a way to multiply any double-digit number with another. 

His talent was discovered in Mr. Patrick Doran’s Geometry class. 

“He can do it about as quickly as I can do it on a calculator,” Doran said. 

Doran, a first-year EPCHS teacher who has previously taught at other schools, said he’s never had a student who has been able to do this before. 

“You won’t be able to find anyone else in the building who can do this,” Doran said of Barnes, an Evergreen Park resident and Central Middle School graduate. 

“Chaz has an amazing ability to square any number 1-100 in his head,” Doran added when nominating Barnes as his first quarter 2021-2022 Student of the Quarter. “He can also multiply very large numbers in his head, and come up with the answer as quickly as you can input the information into a calculator.”