Math Department

  • A wide range of courses from Algebra to Calculus is available at EPCHS. Prior to the selection of courses, students should study the course descriptions and discuss their choice with their parents, mathematics instructors, and counselors. Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes are more rigorous than traditional classes and are intended for students with above average math ability and a strong work ethic.

  • Mr. Jim Smith, Division Chair
    (708) 398-1321  Email

    Ms. Katie Allgaier

    (708) 398-1319   Email

    Ms. Ruth Bittorf
    (708) 398-1278   Email

    Ms. Bridget Heenan
    (708) 398-1343   Email

    Mr. Matt Majchrowicz
    (708) 398-1336   Email

    Ms. Alyssa Migler
    (708) 398-1312   Email

    Mr. Rob Novak
    (708) 398-1328   Email

    Ms. Abra Petraitis
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    Ms. Tammy Pietruszynski
    (708) 398-1369   Email

    Mr. Mark Smyth
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    Mr. Mike Strubin
    (708) 398-1330   Email

    Ms. Maria Vinci
    (708) 398-1349   Email

    Mr. Darian Yarborough
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