Fine Arts Department

  • Art

    The EPCHS art program is intended to serve both the student who has a basic interest in art and will perhaps go into subsequent art courses at the college level, and the student who may not ever receive further art training. Those students who continue to work in the art program will have substantially covered all the basic techniques in most areas and will be acquainted with the materials, tools, and equipment that will be used in advanced work. They will be experienced in analyzing art problems in design, in composition and in the complete process of creating visual representation.



    The EPCHS music program is intended to serve students having a basic interest in music as well as those intending to go into music performances and/or subsequent music courses at the college level.  Students will develop basic and creative skills and abilities.  In addition to day time classes, practice sessions, rehearsals, and performances are considered part of the course requirements.


  • Mrs. Amy Kazin, Fine Arts Division Chair

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    Ms. Libby McArthur

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    Mr. Tom Guerra
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    Mrs. Amy Kazin, Choir 
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    Mr. Ken Kazin, Band
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