• Welding Projects

    Students in Mr. Rymek's Building and Construction class made a scale model of a shed frame before beginning actual construction as students in Mr. O'Connor Metals class were busy with their welding projects. 

    Mock Crime Scene Sketches

    Students in Mrs. Papasideris' Forensic Science class worked on their mock crime scene sketches on September 7. 

    Mock crime scene sketches during Forensic Science class.

    Chemistry is Magic! ✨   
    Students in Ms. Zingrebe's chemistry class celebrated "Back to Hogwarts" day by learning about Acid/Base reactions. Upon mixing together an acid and base, students revealed their house assignment from the sorting hat!
    To replicate this reaction at home, all you will need is lemon juice, baking soda, and Kool aid powder. Scroll below to see the photos! 

    Germinating Seeds In Biology Class

    Biology students in Ms. Rogers' class designed experiments to test the best environmental conditions to germinate seeds and presented their findings to their classmates. See the photos below! 

    STEAM ACTIVITY: Color/Sound Synesthesia In Drawing Class

    Students in Mrs. McArthur's drawing class learned about Color/Sound Synesthesia then followed it up with a drawing activity. This activity asked them to listen to their own music and imagine what they would see if they had color sound synesthesia. Color/sound synesthesia is when someone hears a sound and automatically sees a color; or, they read a certain word, and a specific hue enters their mind's eye. About 4 percent of Americans have color/sound synesthesia.   

    This activity asked students to listen to their own music and imagine what they would see if they had color sound synesthesia. They experimented with all the medium the class will cover in drawing, allowing them to interact with them prior to the specific unit.

    "I am really proud that they dove into this assignment head first, with little prep!" - Mrs. McArthur said.