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March 23rd

*Students who are planning to take AP exams in May must return their registration sheet to Mrs. McCormick in the Principal's Office no later than Monday, March 26. 

*It is that time again for you to vote for your favorite Teacher/Counselor/Administrator or Staff Member.  On Monday, March 26 at the beginning of block 2, right after the announcements you will be able to go on your iPad where you will receive an email at your school email as to how to go about voting for your "Teacher of the Year" candidate.  This is your chance to have your voice heard.  Don't miss this opportunity.  Each student can only vote once.

*Alright Mustangs - just one week left before Spring Break! Celebrate & countdown by participating in Spirit Week which kicks off on Monday with Pajama Day! 

*There is an AP Psychology meeting on Tuesday, March 27th for any student taking the AP exam in May.  The meeting will be after school in the LRC.  Any questions, please see Mrs. Hinde in Room 116. 

*Howdy Readers!  ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT for Reading Round Up 2018.  The LRC is pleased to announce the following winners for week 3 of Reading Round Up.  Please stop by the LRC today to claim your prize.  The top readers for the following English classes were:

Mr. Burns’ block 1: Nya Tsai

Mr. Codiamat’s classes:  Block 3 - Angelina Blashaw-Smith

Mrs. Granata’s classes:  Block 2 (there was a tie) Luke Hanlon & Alex Hayes, Block 4: Michah Pankey

Mr. Mikulskis’ classes:  Block 1: Jocelyn Quintas; Block 2: Erin Knight; & Block 4: Lakaela Prince

Mrs. Gryz’s classes:  Block 1: Mackenzie Telstad;Block 2: Yaritza Rodriguez; & Block 4: Victor Leal

Ms. Pool’s classes:  Block 4: Colin Brennan

Mrs. Stecich’s classes: Block 3: Marion Isaac

Mr. Truffa’s classes: Block 1: Shannon Miller

Ms. Vucsko’s classes: Block 1: Marty Elwood; Block 2: Tessa Foley; & Block 4: Allen Stepansky

Mrs. Bittorf’s class: Block 1: Celeste Tamayo


For the SENIOR CLASS - Victoria Yozze from Mr. Truffa’s block 3 class

For the JUNIOR CLASS - Ashley Hoefferle from Mrs. Granata’s block 1 class

For the SOPHOMORE CLASS - Sean Duffy from Mr. Truffa’s block 4 class

THE OVERALL WEEK 3 TOP READER and FRESHMAN WINNER is Dedrick Thomas from Mrs. Hogan’s block 3 class

Mrs. Hogan’s block 3 has taken over the lead

Freshman are blowing all of the classes out of the water with over a 100,000 pages read so far. Keep up the good work. FINAL WEEK this week!!

The winning teacher:  Mrs. Mikulskis

The winning staff member:  Mrs. Hewitt

The winning administrator: Mrs. Schillo

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